What is the 5% Club?

The 5% Club is an organisation driving a movement towards shared prosperity across the UK by promoting earn & learn skills training opportunities among its members. Founded in 2013 in response to high youth unemployment and a lack of workplace skills, the 5% Club enables employers to play a significant role in providing necessary skills and addressing unemployment. The club, which includes members such as ourselves, supports organisations in achieving 5% of their workforce in earn & learn positions, particularly apprenticeships.

Our Commitment to Apprenticeships

By joining the 5% Club, we demonstrate our dedication to increasing the proportion of our workforce in apprenticeships to 5% and beyond. We believe that investing in apprenticeships not only benefits the individual, but benefits the wider community, our company and the industry as a whole. Apprentices bring fresh perspectives, new ideas, and a strong motivation to learn and grow

Benefits for Our Employees

Joining the 5% Club means more opportunities for professional development and career advancement for all our employees. Apprenticeships offer hands-on experience and training that can lead to a fulfilling career path. At Marlowe we strive for maximum engagement across our employees, and providing development opportunities and career progression is one of the best ways we can achieve this.

Supporting the Wider Community

We aim to do our part in filling the skills gap. By offering more apprenticeships, we encourage more of the community around us to become more skilled, progress in their career and develop personally.

At Marlowe, we believe that investing in our employees is the key to our success. We are proud to join the 5% Club and are committed to providing outstanding earn & learn opportunities that benefit our employees, our company, and our community. Interested in becoming an apprentice? Contact hr@marlowefireandsecurity.com

For more information about the 5% Club and our commitment to apprenticeships, please contact us or visit the 5% Club website.