Cooking is a common cause of home structure fires and home fire-related injuries. 

Stay safe in the kitchen with our top 10 cooking fire safety tips.

  1. Never let children do the cooking, never leave them unattended in the kitchen, and make sure they’re aware of what to do if something goes wrong.
  2. Keep the oven, grill, hob, pan and surfaces clean. Spillages could catch fire, and could help spread a fire. You should also take care to throw away packaging. If packaging touches the hob it could ignite.
  3. Don’t be distracted while cooking by your mobile phone, callers or other people.
  4. If you need to leave the kitchen while cooking, take pans off the heat or turn them down to prevent them overheating and catching fire.
  5. Turn saucepan handles to prevent you accidentally knocking them over and keep saucepan handles out of the reach of children.
  6. Take care if wearing loose clothing that can easily catch fire.
  7. Keep tea towels and cloths away from the cooker and hob as they can also easily catch fire.
  8. Hot oil easily catches fire, if its smoking turn it down and leave it to cool. If hot oil catches fire do not take any risks – leave it where it is, turn off the heat if it’s safe to do so, then get out and ring 999.
  9. Use a thermostat controlled electric deep fat fryer which heats to oil to the right temperature but stops it from overheating.
  10. Double check all appliances are off when you’ve finished cooking. Leaving the cooker on can cause residual oil, fat or grease to catch fire.

Protect your kitchen from fire

KitchenSafe is a fully automatic domestic and residential fire suppression system which uses state of the art digital technology to sense and respond to high temperatures and fire conditions.

Kitchensafe operates automatically in the event of fire which removes the need or risk of a person attempting to fight the fire with conventional extinguishers or fire blankets.